Writing Update: March 2016

So my life kinda-sorta fell apart this month. (And then stitched itself back together, thankfully. Loved ones in the hospital, pet’s health declining rapidly, etc.) As such, I’m behind on basically everything. Homework, housework, study abroad forms. . . and of course my writing goals. In fact, I only have two stories to give you updates on. Eek.


It’s the 23rd as I type this, and I have yet to hit 3,000 words this month out of my 6,000 target. Yikes, am I right? However, now that spring break has wrapped up and now that life isn’t so chaotic, I can hopefully get back into the routine of things. I am however 16+k into THE IMMORTAL at this point, so around 20% of the way to my goal length.


The In-Between? What the heck is that, another new story?” Alas, no. This one used to go by the title The Cradle, but has been changed to The In-Between on account of it sounding less. . . well, less like a nursery item, and more true to the content of the book.

I’ve also decided to change up this story in a big way. I’ve had the full four page outline for this novel for over two years, but something about it just felt off. Finally I identified what it was, and to fix it requires a big overhaul. Essentially the story lacked a clear goal or tangible end-point for the main character to aim towards. (This is why outlines are great, kids, but I digress.) Before, it was about a guy plagued by ghosts and oddities trying to teach him lessons about his life before it’s too late. Interesting, but a little vague. The outline’s feel reflected that. Now, it’s about him being stuck in limbo and traveling over to Death’s side, only to encounter bizarre beings and events along the way, all of which attempt to turn him back around.


How has March been treating you? Have you gotten a lot done or have you fallen off the wagon like myself? Comment below!


100 Days of Productivity Challenge: What I Learned


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The Year Ahead: My 2015 Literary Resolutions

Okay, I confess. I stole borrowed this idea from Elisabeth Wheatley, but I just couldn’t help myself! (You can see her entry here.)

Here I’ll give you a run-down of what I hope to accomplish this year writing & reading-wise. It’s always good to know where one stands in regards to goal-setting, and this way you guys can know about it too! Feel free to kick my butt into gear if at any point this year you feel like I’m slacking. ;D


Read 30 Books
I know this sounds meager, but it’s the minimum I want to read. I’m already close to finishing reading my 5th book of 2015, but sometimes life gets crazy and I wanted to allow wiggle room for that.


Publish The Final Advent
Finishing all the necessary rounds of edits for, and then publish, The Final Advent. Funny thing is, this one’s word count has soared as I’ve edited it. Not usually how that’s supposed to work, huh?


Complete Two Short Stories
Both of these are already in the works! One is a sci/fi horror piece that I’m estimating will be around 5k words, and the other is a modern day, speculative flash fiction piece. I would also like to have them fully edited and begin submitting to magazines by the end of the year.

Work on My Poetry
Did you know I write poetry? Yeah, most people don’t. To be honest I just dabble, but this year I’d like to shoot a little higher with it. I want to complete a couple of pieces and submit them to magazines, then see where it takes me from there!

Continue Subbing The Stolen Sun
I’m still subbing TSS to magazines, so my goal for 2015 is to keep trucking along on that front. Even if I try my hardest this year, that’s still not to say it’ll get published, but at least I’ll be putting in the effort!


Draft The Immortal

This novel is ready to go! The only two reasons I haven’t yet started this project are as follows: 1.) I want to brush up on my writing before diving in (hence the short stories, which serve another function as exercises for me), and 2.) I’m focusing the majority of my energy on completing The Final Advent! I’m racing along (though whilst keeping a firm eye on quality) and want to continue at this pace to meet my early-mid-2015 deadline.


Replot The Cradle
I already have a full on outline for this novel, but in looking over my outline have spotted some potentially fatal flaws in how the plot is staged. I want to toy with other ideas to use in the plot, define the climax more, and establish a really solid mood and theme before jumping in.


Work on a Literary Journal
I’m set to be a preliminary reader for my University’s literary journal, Echo Magazine! I’m very excited about working with them, and am eager to see what other work opportunities with them arise.


There you have it! What are your 2015 literary resolutions? Leave a comment below!

Writing in 2014: My Year in Review

I have to be honest, 2014 was an extremely trying and difficult year for me. So, it was difficult to get myself up and writing. But I also didn’t recognize just how much I’d accomplished this year either until I sat back and started reflecting!

Without further ado, here’s a compilation of everything I’ve accomplished this year.

No Angels

I finished re-editing No Angels; cutting out no less than 14,000 words, adding in scenes, cutting scenes, etc.

This monster weighs nearly two pounds!

This monster weighs nearly two pounds!

Afterwards I reformatted the novel in both eBook and paperback form and held a giveaway to celebrate its release!

Collapsed Cathedrals

This one wasn’t a huge priority, but I still felt it needed tending to. Long story short, Gaiman’s Law got the better of me, and, since I couldn’t bear the idea of there being potential typos in my book (unavoidable as it may be), I gave it another read through and uploaded the edited version.

The Final Advent

I’ve been making progress on editing TFA and getting beta edits done. Also, I’ve made a lot of headway in creating the cover. Nearly done, too! This one will definitely be released in the earlier half of 2015.

The Stolen Sun

I wrote The Stolen Sun, edited it multiple times with the help of many an amazing beta (shout out to Intisar Khanani & Elisabeth Wheatley!), and have been submitting it to quite a few places! No bites yet, but my fingers remain crossed.

Where Gold is Born

This piece finally got picked up for publication by the Sagebrush Review! Volume 9 is actually out now, if you want to pick yourself up a copy ;)

The Immortal and The Cradle 

The Immortal and The Cradle became significantly more fleshed out versions of themselves than they ever were. I fleshed out the outline for The Cradle, and even though I’m still not totally satisfied with it, progress is progress. The Immortal took on a whole new life, the plot getting fully brought to life, characters created and given backstories and personalities, have conducted mountains of research, and so on. The Immortal has been itching to burst out of my fingertips, and will likely be my central writing-focus of 2015.


I’ve done little bits of work on this one, creating the world, developing some story arcs, and building up the mythology and world rules. This story is HUGE though, (at least 5 books), so it’ll probably be at least 5 more years before I start actually writing.

So, there’s you have it! My writing progress of 2014. How did this year go for you in terms of accomplishments, writing related or not?

Also, I want to tag Elisabeth Wheatley and Intisar Khanani to do a post similar to this as well! How did y’alls year go in terms of writing?

Have a great rest of your year, everyone!