Betty the Chicken, and Why You Should Have Faith in Your Ideas

For those of you unfortunate souls who have not yet heart of the wonder that is Betty the Chicken, allow me to inform you.

Betty the Chicken is an actual, Red Sex Link chicken who runs a fast food chain’s Twitter account. Yes, you read that correctly. She’s been given a keyboard that she hops around on at will, and her tweets are then submitted. This began as a marketing campaign on behalf of the fast food company, Chicken Treat.

What a time to be alive.

Now, sit and think. Someone had to think of a way to draw attention to the company, so they said, “hey, you know what would be a great idea? Let’s have an actual chicken f*cking tweet.”

Cue the responses. “Like tweet tweet? As in bird noises?” and “Totally unrelated, but how much have you already had to drink today?”

Hilarity aside (well, as much as you can separate hilarity from this), this is an actual concept that has come to fruition and gotten a ton of press.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 3.05.49 PM

Someone had to hatch this idea, figure out the logistics for it, and pitch it to a marketing board full of their higher-ups. You’d have to really believe in your ideas to be willing to risk humiliation on that scale, but in the end? It paid off. Betty the Chicken has thrown this company into the spotlight.

Betty can teach us all something, too. No matter how strange or out-there your ideas may be, have faith in them. Develop them, pitch them, and throw them out into the world. At the very least, you’ve tried instead of caving to embarrassment or self-consciousness. (Imagine if the mastermind behind this endeavor never stepped forward with her/his idea? The world would be devoid of that much more chicken-related-joy.) Pursue your dreams and ambitions, and maybe one day, like Betty the Chicken, the world will be watching you as well.


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