Death of a Computer


Well, it finally happened. My computer passed away. The hard drive, logic board, and battery all had to go bye-bye, which is effectively the equivalent (cost excluded) of replacing one’s computer.

But fear not! I had about 5 minutes before said doom struck to back up some of my most crucial files. My books.

Funnily enough, I’d never backed them up before that. (Praise THE HEAVENS that I had the chance to at all!) Can you imagine losing all of your story ideas, all of your plot outlines, all of your complete manuscripts? Pure nightmarish terror!

There is one thing, however, that I did not have a chance to save. Something I spent over 40 hours working on and was soon going to unveil.

The Final Advent‘s cover. And the video I’d put together detailing my process from beginning to end. I literally almost cried when I saw that I hadn’t backed either up. I’d spend nearly a month putting them together, and then poof, it was gone.


Slughorn’s drunken commentary on the impermanence of life.

Now that my time of mourning has been observed and run its course, I’m back on the horse and have already began working on the cover yet again. (And yes, I’m ever working on edits, albeit slowly. Check my last post if you’re curious as to why.)

Have you ever had your computer die on you? If so, did it take any precious projects or pictures down with it? Comment below!


4 thoughts on “Death of a Computer

  1. Ahh! I am so so glad you managed to save your writing–I would cry if I lost mine. I try to remember to do a monthly backup, but I think you just convinced me to be better about that! Sorry about the cover loss :( That sound tough enough, but at least you got everything else! Sending hugs <3

    • Aww, thank you! And yeah, not having the cover is a bummer but not having my manuscripts?! I think I would absolutely lose it.
      I should get into the habit of doing a monthly back up as well!

  2. I WOULD DIE. I actually back up my computer every time I take is somewhere outside the house because my keyboard was once soaked with tea (don’t ask) and the trauma and uncertainty of the situation has scarred me for life.

    But I am SO GLAD your manuscripts are alright. I suppose that was the most important thing.

    • “Elisabeth Wheatley and the Many Tea (Mis)Adventures: A Novella”
      I can see it now! ;D
      I feel that I’ll get into the habit of backing up my stuff much more frequently from now on. As of right now, everything is in Google Drive, which backs up after just about each word you write, but you need a constant internet connection for it and that’s not always ideal. :p
      Either way, you’re right! My books are still with us and that’s all that matters. UwU

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