An Official Hiatus

HiatusI’ve taken accidental hiatuses before, – getting too wrapped up in whatever I’m doing to drop in and say hello-, but I’m afraid that this time I’m going to be taking an official hiatus for a while.

Still, I don’t want to just leave without any explanation, (even though I will be coming back), or a vague one that seems like an excuse.

Long story short, I suffer from an unfortunately lengthy list of health problems. Everything affecting me from my guts to my head to my joints and so on. I’ve been almost living in the doctor’s office and taking prescriptions galore in the hopes that things will improve, but thus far nothing has taken.

As you can imagine, living like this is exhausting. Add in a full course load, a part time job, and all the exercise and precautions I have to do to keep what health I have in check, and it goes from exhausting to crushing.

I’m still editing The Final Advent and dabbling in other projects, but I knew I had to let you guys know why there’s been such a delay in getting book three to market, and to let you guys know that I won’t be as active for a while. I may make a Facebook and Twitter post here and there, but not so much as far as posting book related updates or working as much on projects.

I’m not sure how long this hiatus will be. A month, maybe a couple. I can’t say when/if my health will improve enough for me to throw myself back in the ring, though I know I will at some point.

All I ask for right now is your patience and understanding, and sincerely thank you for it.


3 thoughts on “An Official Hiatus

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