Rewriting No Angels, Beginning to End

If you recall from my Bite the Bullet post, I had decided back in December of 2013 that No Angels needed to be re-edited. Thoroughly. I knew I had a laborious task ahead of me, but one that’d be well worth it. To turn a blind eye to the fact that I could improve my book would not only hurt No Angels, but the second and third installments as well. If people were to read the first book and think it sucks, what could possibly motivate them to pick up the next book? My writing style had changed drastically between No Angels and Collapsed Cathedrals (the sequel), and I wanted to bring the first book up to par.

And so I set to work.

I edited it once digitally. Then for the next round, I printed the whole thing out and did the edits by hand. From there, I transferred the hand-done edits to the digital manuscript.

This monster weighs nearly two pounds!

This monster weighs nearly two pounds!

After that, I did a final read-through to ensure I caught any remaining typos and awkward sentence structures.

Then, I formatted the manuscript for both the eBook and paperback versions. Throw in a bit of publicity work, and bam! At long last, No Angels is done.

It took me nearly a year, devoured the chunks of sanity and time college had not yet consumed, and left me with at least three exceptionally bloody paper cuts. But, in knowing that I now have a book I’m more proud of and that I’m giving my readers a better product, I can fully say that every minute of it was worth it.


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