Work in Progress (WIP) Blog Hop

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I know, I know, I truly apologize for my absence. (Which I’m aware I’m saying a lot nowadays.) That being said, some changes in my life have come about recently that I feel will make it easier for me to tackle writing projects and more frequent posting.

Anyhow, onto the good stuff!

I was recently tagged by fellow author Elisabeth Wheatley to participate in a work in progress blog hop! The gist of it is that I have to provide a link back to the person that tagged me, give you a short summary of my current WIP, in addition to the first few sentences of the first three chapters. Then, nominate other fellow writers to do the same!


My current WIP is The Final Advent, the final installment in the No Angels trilogy. Here is the current (unpolished) blurb:

For the past eighteen months, Liz has been stitching her life back together after the loss and betrayal she’d experienced in Rosamund. With Riven acting as her constant comfort, and with Mark moving on with his life, she thinks her duties as a Guard are finally over. But in reality, her biggest test is yet to come.

News reaches Liz that a tyrant now sits on the throne of Geminus, his sights set on her world. To eliminate the only person standing in his way, Liz, he’s cast a curse that will kill her in one year’s time, – unless she kills him first. As the clock ticks down, Liz and allies new and old must travel across Geminus in the hopes of drawing up an army strong enough to give them a fighting chance. Can Liz traverse an unfamiliar world, carry on in the face of heartrending loss, be brought face to face with the dark secrets lurking in her past, and slay the king in time?

Now for a peek into the actual writing! This book is still in its editing stages, so the writing isn’t entirely polished. Plus, I admittedly gave you a little more than the challenge dictates so you can get a feel for it. ;)

Chapter One: Freshly fallen snow and spindly birch surrounded a small village, the tree’s fingers coated with glassy ice. A crackling bonfire stood on the edge of the settlement, as if to ward off the winter chill. The forest, ringing of merrymaking, the clinking of cider-filled mugs, and the squeals of children’s snowball fights not even a full hour prior, had been invaded by a ruthless silence.

Chapter Two: Five hundred years later, in the world of men . . .

Liz was immensely proud of him. Mark, her best friend since age eight, had graduated high school as one of the highest ranked students in his class of over four hundred. Ever since returning from Rosamund a year and a half ago, he’d been totally and completely dedicated to three things; his studies, his time volunteering at their local animal shelter, and her. But Liz knew only the first two would benefit him.

Chapter Three: The words didn’t register. She was going to die? In one year? But no, that couldn’t be right. There was surely some mistake.


Now, to tag a few of my fellow writers! Priya Kanaparti, Jon Messenger, & Bex Pavia, let’s hear about what you’ve got in store!


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