Writing Update – March 2014


Due to health issues I’d been having recently, my editing for basically everything I’ve written fell by the wayside, this series included. Regrettably, this pushes back the release dates I gave everyone. But never fear! I’m back on track now, and am over half way done with the edits for both No Angels and The Final Advent.


The Stolen Sun is coming along nicely, and I’m on my very last stage of editing. It will be completed by the end of March, at which point I’ll begin submitting it to magazines. (I’ve already started compiling a list of places I’m going to send it to!)

On March 1st, I was supposed to get the contest results where I submitted Where Gold is Born, but the folks in charge pushed back the notification date by a month. It’s been an agonizing wait, but I’m excited to be less than a week away from finding out!



 I have yet to start work on these novels, but both of them are absolutely ITCHING to burst from my fingertips. The only reason I’m holding off is because I want to remain true to the deadlines I gave you, and I’ve already been set back by my months of illness. Still, I’m extremely excited for these two stories and hope you are as well!

Just keeping everyone in the loop! Until next time.


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