Perpetual Five Year Olds

tantrumSome people act like five-year olds well into their adult years. I won’t name names, but I encountered one of these people just the other day. Things turned interesting very quickly.

I’m part of an online community of authors where people get into groups and review each other’s work, – never reciprocal reviews though, (meaning that if A reviews B’s work, B review’s C’s, NOT A’s. C would then review A’s work.) This keeps people’s opinions more or less honest.

The purpose of this review group is to give indie authors more reviews, because it boosts our chance of getting noticed as well as showing readers what they can expect. However, this does not mean that people don’t give you bad reviews. A lot of people do.

Some people don’t take these poor reviews well either.

After finishing reading one of my assigned books, I gave it a relatively low rating. It had potential, but needed much more polish.

The author could’ve simply taken the bad review and walked away. You need tough skin in this business, and to throw a hissy over one poor review is bad form. But he didn’t.

After he commented on my review with links to the dictionary definitions of “irony” and “satire”, (since he intended his work to be satire, I assume, though it certainly didn’t come across as such), I told him that responding to reviews like this was amateur and unprofessional, and that I wish him the best.

So he gave my book scathing review, despite never having read it, (unless he purchased and read my 300 page novel within 5 minutes of getting his bad review; I don’t think that’s how it happened, do you?). Not only was he harsh towards my book, but towards me. (After all, it was I who wrote his review, not my innocent book.)

They went on to rip me up on everything from subject matter, (how commercial the blurb made it sound, and how ergo, since it would reach a large audience it was obviously crap. Seems like quite the raging hipster, doesn’t he?), to how, because of my age, I would be an inspiration to other overachieving, insipid teenagers.

Once I notified the mods, – they were baffled by his behavior and ripped him apart for it-, he took down his review and apologized to the moderator. (Never to me, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.)

There are two things I take away from this. One, some people are mentally locked in as perpetual five year olds, whining and crying and throwing a fit when they don’t get what they want. Even when they’re easily into their adulthood. Two, it’s awesome to see them bite their tongue and backpedal afterwards.

Have you ever had any experience with people acting ridiculously childish? Tell me in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Perpetual Five Year Olds

  1. Wow! This is ridiculous–so glad you got the mods to step in and the incident was “erased” to some extent. Fortunately, I haven’t had this happen … yet. I think as long as you’re giving honest reviews, at some point it will happen. This must have been extremely disturbing as it unfolded. I’m glad it worked out in the end!

    • Thanks! It was really worrisome, because if this happened on say, Amazon, there would’ve been nothing I could’ve done about it. And bad reviews on Amazon hurt sales much more than on Goodreads.

  2. What to Do When Your Friend’s Book Sucks – Eli Hinze

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