Writers! What Do You Do with Your Rejection Slips?

I’m currently reading Stephen King’s On Writing, and in the book he talks about how he drove a nail into his wall and impaled through it every rejection slip he ever got. (Eventually he had to replace the nail with a spike. I don’t even want to think about the hole in the wall that left!)

My rejection slips are simply in a drawer right now, but I’m considering doing the above.

What about you? What do you do with your rejection slips and letters? Burn them in a ritualistic attempt to appease the publishing gods? Stuff them in a drawer? I’m curious. :)


4 thoughts on “Writers! What Do You Do with Your Rejection Slips?

  1. LOL – Most of my slips were digital, so there aren’t too many artistic options there. I’m not about to kill a tree so I can do something with them! And now I don’t bother with submitting my writing, so I’m a rejection-free indie now. However, I totally think you should aim for a thousand paper cranes… ;)

    • I’m one of the few who has actually printed out my digital slips and pinned them into my wall along with the hardcopy ones! XD To be honest though, I can’t believe you’ve had multiple rejections. (They’ll regret it one of these days. c; )

  2. I have a grand total of one paper rejection slip stuffed between two of my dog show trophies above my desk. The rest (of which there are plenty) are floating around in my email inbox. Personally, I do not take rejection well (one of my major flaws), so having a stake on my wall full of form slips would probably lead to a break down–complete with tears, wringing hands, and anguished gnashing of teeth.

    • Rejection sucks, big time. However, getting rejected has helped me deal with, well, getting rejected. (…Does that make any sense?) Whenever I’m feeling crappy about rejection I usually read bad reviews of books I love.
      Opinions, opinions. Whether from an editor or an amateur, (and while their experience & taste levels are VERY different), they’re eventually all just opinions.
      Just the other day I pinned all of my rejections letters, (even the digital ones, – I printed them out!), onto the wall. It’s actually rather motivating! :)

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