Pet-Peeves in Books

285715Don’t you hate it when you’re reading a book, everything is going along just fine, and then suddenly. . . you see it. Your dreaded, detested pet-peeve has reared its foul head, mucking up what could have been a wonderful book. (Some books can survive these calamities, but that is a tough task indeed.)

So, I have two questions for you. What pet-peeves do you have when it comes to books? Also, what common pet-peeves don’t bother you as much as it does others?

For me, I loathe insta-love. It is one of the worst things  someone can put in a book. Conversely, something that doesn’t particularly bother me are love-triangles. They’re way overused nowadays, but still, I don’t get irked at their abundance. (Unless it’s executed poorly, but that goes for, y’know, everything.)

So, what is it for you? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “Pet-Peeves in Books

  1. Definitely insta-love. Also, one a relationship is established, really dumb miscommunications and stupid assumptions / theories resulting in “tension” between the two characters. That just makes me groan. Love triangles irritated a little, but not a lot. I also am not a huge fan of the “chosen one syndrome” where the main character manages to save the world because they’re just so amazing and everyone knew they would (and not because, you know, they tried really hard and nearly got killed or something). I don’t have a problem with saving the world per se, it’s really just in the execution. I’m going to stop there, before I establish just how picky of a reader I am…

    • Much agreed! Especially with the whole established relationship going awry for the sake of “tension”, etc. I feel like most people with a good taste in fiction would second your statement. :)

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