Sex + Money = Top Book on Amazon?

As some of you may know, I recently held a promotional period for my novel No Angels. As such, I saw a lot of other books I was competing with for a top spot in free saga fiction. (The highest I got was #18, which I don’t think is too bad for my first run!) Being the overly competitive person that I am, I was constantly looking at the books ahead of me. Their ratings, descriptions, all of it.

I noticed two things in common with the majority of these books. Many of them had to deal with extremely rich people and/or explicit sex.

Now, I’m no prude and/or money loather. I’m also no my-tastes-are-better-than-your-tastes book snob. I simply noted the pattern and thought it interesting. Seven of the top twenty (35%) in the category are pointedly about/contain explicit sex, and just as many (7 out of 20, or 35%) are about billionaires/extremely wealthy people. What amuses me is that almost all of these books have the word “billionaire” in the title. Whenever you see titles such as The Teacher’s Billionaire, Maid for the Billionaire, and BDSM Billionaire all lined up like ducks in a row, it’s difficult to not be curious about the connection.

I guess I don’t quite understand the fascination with rich people and/or their sexual fantasies, but it certainly seems like the recipe for a successful book on Amazon. Alas, I shall stick with my swords and fantasy worlds, and wish everyone luck with their chosen genre!


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