Book Review: The Chalice of Malvron (Argetallam Saga #3)

17343974Title: The Chalice of Malvron

Author: Elisabeth Wheatley

Publisher: Chengalera Press

Release Date: July 2nd, 2013

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Summary: “A princess with no recollection of the past eight years. War on the horizon. Who to trust? Who to save?

Sixteen-year-old Janir Caersynn Argetallam wakes, sore and disoriented in the home city of her people, surrounded by relatives who seem concerned for her well-being. As she tries to recover, the Argetallams’ allies, the Stlavish, prepare to unleash a magical relic of untold power against the Argetallams’ age-old enemies, the Brevians. Janir watches silently from the sidelines until she meets a warrior elf and a strange wizard-boy who claim to know her and make her feel…confused. They claim that everything she’s been told is a lie, that her memories were stolen at the command of her father, the Lord Argetallam. As the eve of Brevia’s destruction draws closer, Janir finds herself with the power to stop the Stlavish. Conflicted and confused, she must decide whether she will allow Brevia to be conquered or if she will betray her father and destroy the relic—the Chalice of Malvron…

Nope, my love for the Argetallam Saga has not yet worn off. (I don’t believe it ever will, thankfully!) It was a pleasure to finally read the third installment in this series after what felt like an agonizingly long wait. Any amount of time spent waiting would be agonizing, really.

The world in The Chalice of Malvron is as wonderful as ever, with the readers getting a deeper glimpse into the home of the Argetallams. The characters were great as well, though I didn’t get to read about Saoven as much as I would have liked! Oh well. I suppose that is always how one feels about their favorite character. Also, the plot was well crafted and progressed at a steady pace.

When I say that the characters, the world, and the creativity of this series is strong, I really do mean it. It’s very strong, which hindered me from feeling able to knock my rating down a full point or more. Why would I knock it down, you ask?

I had just one problem with this installment. The writing was sloppy. Now don’t get me wrong, some parts were brilliant, so brilliant and original that I legitimately had to set down my Kindle and say, “dang.” Still, I came across multiple omitted words and entire clumsy sentences, sometimes full paragraphs. Wheatley has repeatedly shown herself to be a strong writer, so this might’ve just been due to the fact that she’s working on multiple series and installments at once.

Overall, The Chalice of Malvron was a highly enjoyable tale, with strong characters, plot, and world, docked only half a point for some writing issues.

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Chalice of Malvron (Argetallam Saga #3)

  1. Great review. I’m surprised at the critique about the writing–one would have thought that the editors would have caught this. :( Wheatley is indeed an excellent writer, but we all have passages that can be improved if someone just helps us see them. Still looking forward to this read!

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