Get the first two books in the ARGETALLAM SAGA for FREE!!!

I highly recommend this series! I’m not a high fantasy fan, but this book may turn me into one yet. Solid characters, great plot, and fantastic writing!

Inkspelled Faery

Today, tomorrow, and Sunday, you can grab both The Key of Amatahns and The Secrets of the Vanmars for absolutely free! Help yourselves to a copy of each and tell your friends!

Janir had the misfortune of being born with one of the hated Argetallams for a father. But unlike other Argetallam children, she was mostly granted a normal childhood, away from the rest of her family. It looked as if she would live a relatively normal life as the foster-daughter of a powerful lord. Until one critical day Janir’s powers awakened and she became entangled in a young enchanter’s quest for a long-lost treasure called the Key of Amatahns…

Download The Key of Amatahns from Amazon now!

After her adventures with the Key of Amatahns, sixteen-year-old Janir Caersynn Argetallam returns home to find Brevia on the brink of war with a neighboring country, Stlaven. Her foster-father and even Saoven—a…

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