Book Review: The Key of Amatahns

2271328Title: The Key of Amatahns
Author: Elisabeth Wheatly
Publisher: Chengalera Press
Date of release: June 30, 2011
Rating: 4 out of 5

Summary: “Janir had the misfortune of being born with one of the hated Argetallams for a father. But unlike other Argetallam children, she was mostly granted a normal childhood, away from the rest of her family. It looked as if she would live a relatively normal life as the foster-daughter of a powerful lord. Until one critical day Janir’s powers awakened and she became entangled in a young enchanter’s quest for a long-lost treasure called the Key of Amatahns.” – Goodreads

High fantasy isn’t a genre I’m typically interested in. In fact, I have little to no interest in it at all. (With the exception of The Lord of the Rings, but that should be obvious.) Something about the named swords, elves, goblins, etcetera doesn’t do it for me. That being said, I found The Key of Amatahns to be highly enjoyable! I have a very busy day-to-day life, and often collapse on the bed after each day, unconscious. But not when reading this book! I set aside time every night to read some, which for me is quite the feat.

The cast was interesting, diverse enough for just about everyone to find a favorite. (Mine would be either Lucan or Saoven, if anyone was wondering!) While I’ve found pace to be a common problem in fantasy novels, (they usually dip half way through), this book didn’t suffer from that. There might’ve been one or two sections where things were a little slow or confusing, but not significantly at all. It still made for a very enjoyable ride.

Despite finding the entire story engaging, my interest piqued the most near the ending. Janir being referred to as “fledgling”, being stronger than her brother, members of the Argetallam’s royal line being plucked off, and the mysterious elvish figure. I feel like, seeing as this is a series, this book might’ve been setting up the framework for an even grander story to come.

I enjoyed this book more than I have any other in a long time. I’m giving it a 4 out of 5 for the small lull, a need for a tad more polish in a few areas (but that can be said of any writer), and a couple grammatical errors. Overall, fun, imaginative, and a good story that I would recommend to just about anyone.


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